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Pick A Cleaning Package That Fits Your Needs 

Package # 1

Basic Standard Cleaning 

 Starting at $135 - 1 Bedroom 

Package # 2

Deep Cleaning

Starting at $185 - 1 Bedroom 

Package # 3

Extreme Cleaning 

Starting at $225 - 1 Bedroom


Sink features, Counter tops, Cabinets (exterior)

Doors/knobs, Windows, Window sills/Ledges


Refrigerator/Freezer (exterior)

Stovetop/Oven (exterior)

Dishwasher/grime/water deposits (exterior)

Empty trash, Replace liners

Vacuum/mop floor


Make beds, Change linen, Mirrors, Windows, Window sill/ledges

Cobwebs, Picture frames, Door panels/knobs

Lamp/light fixtures, Dust/wipe furniture

Empty trash, Replace liners

Vacuum/mop floor 


Sink features, Showers/tubs, Toilets (inside/out), Vanity, Door panels/knobs

Light switches/panels, Windows/mirrors

Window sills, Tile rack, Tissue holder

Empty trash, Replace liners

Vacuum/mop floor


Mirrors, Doors/knobs, Windows

Window sill/ledges, Light switches/panels

Dust furniture, Empty trash, Replace liners

Vacuum/mop floor                                                                 

This package includes EVERYTHING in Package # 1 

In addition, you will receive the following…

In areas where applicable!

- Walls/boarders

- Ceiling fans

- Light fixtures

- Chandelier

- Dusting of vents

This package includes EVERYTHING in Package # 1 & 2 

In addition, you will receive the following…

In areas where applicable!

- Refrigerator/freezer (interior/exterior)

- Oven (interior/exterior)

- Cabinets (interior/exterior)

- Vents

- Over doorways

Laundry Area…

- Wipe washer/dryer clean (interior/exterior)

- Empty lint filter

- Clean flooring 

Add A Service


A La Carte Options 

                                          A La Carte Options 

  Any service can be added to package #1 0r #2 (additional fees are applicable) Optional upon request

- Organizing 

- Washing of dishes

- Wash/fold clothes

- Customized Cleanings

- Garage Cleaning

- Moving of appliances or furniture 

- Cleaning between windowpane and glass (removal of dirt, debris, pollen etc.) 

Customers can choose if they would like to add additional services to their package. Example: I would like package #1 with my refrigerator cleaned. Pricing is subject to change! 

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